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Our Verstehmaschine understands every industry. Yes, yours too.

Processing relocation notifications, evaluating laboratory reports, text-mining journalistic archives: the Cognitive Workbench is suitable for a wide range of applications – in every industry. Because it is capable of learning any kind of specific language. And it can be configured and trained for various use-cases.
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    As full process or single modules

    From OCR and text import to classification, extraction and validation

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    Expandable, trainable, and actively learning

    Standard recogniser extendable to any specific, to any language, across the entire process chain

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    On-premises and highly secure

    100% compatible with your existing systems, fully compliant with data protection requirements

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What it does

The Cognitive Workbench does not ask in which industry you work. It learns to do what you need.

Some AI are advertised as being tailor-made for certain industries. This sounds great at first, but points to the limitation of outdated systems: a modern cognitive system is capable of learning the language of any industry. Like a child growing up either in German or China. With our Cognitive Workbench, you will instantly feel that your industry is well understood.

This is how the Cognitive Workbench works

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It learns your terminology

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The Cognitive Workbench has two crucial prerequisites for understanding unstructured and semistructured documents. On the one hand, it is universally trainable for every imaginable technical language and every specific subject. On the other hand, you will be provided with the features you specify – for example, highly-developed recognizers that we train to meet your special requirements.

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It looks at your documents

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You’ve read right: it looks. Instead of just reading texts, the Cognitive Workbench also recognizes the position of information. It uses this spatial context to recognize revealing relationships and thus extract more specific information. In this way, for example, the system can learn where important or specific information is “hidden” in your documents. Just as an employee would do.

It detects correlations and causations

Rather than looking at a word or a number solitary, our machine also analyzes what happens to the left of it, to the right of it, above and below it. This multidimensional recognition ensures a much more precise correlative and causal allocation of information. This is essential, for example, in the automatic recognition of lists and tables, for example in expert reports or invoices.

It's getting better every day

Instead of being dependent on any service provider adapting your software for you at some point, you simply optimize our system in-house. Define for yourself what our machine is supposed to recognize and train it without delay. The result is a system that is constantly evolving – and you may gain decisive competitive advantages.

Train fast. Apply immediately.
In a closed data loop.

The Cognitive Workbench: Every newly trained skill can be applied immediately and productively. With just a few clicks you can create a docker container with selected recognisers. You can then integrate it directly into your internal systems. Your systems in turn deliver feedback right back to the Workbench, from which it learns again. Scalable as desired. Flexible control. On-premises.

Our Product

Understands every language. Learns any knowledge.
Trains without a break.

Our Cognitive Workbench is not a rigid, rule-based software. It is a true Enterprise AI platform: a universal, intelligently learning text and document mining system. It can be trained and configured highly specifically for any language, any knowledge and any application area. Simple and efficient. And again and again if required.

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How various industries benefit from it.

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    Chemistry: Analyzing laboratory reports

    Laboratory and test reports can be automatically scanned by many systems. Our Cognitive Workbench is also able to analyze these reports down to the molecular shape.

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    Energy supplier: Processing relocation notifications

    A relocation is a challenging moment for a utility provider: only with a fast, empathic service the client can be retained. Our solution helps to extract all information and gives customer service tips on how to approach them.

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    Media: Mine articles

    Publishing houses hold an immense wealth of historical knowledge and journalistic work. The Cognitive Workbench can examine this knowledge, summarize and connect information and make it available in a targeted manner.

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    Customer service: Accelerate email processing

    Customers expect a quick response to their email inquiries. But in many companies, email is still treated like a traditional letter. The Cognitive Workbench accelerates email intent recognition, validation, and routing.

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    Journalism: Examine sources

    A comprehensive source review is an important and time-consuming task for quality journalists. Among mountains of irrelevant information, the really interesting facts and connections must be tracked down. Our Cognitive Workbench helps finding these proverbial “needles in a haystack”.

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    Publishers: summarise specialist articles for target groups

    The amount of knowledge produced today far exceeds that which can be processed by humans. The Cognitive Workbench helps to find and summarise target group-specific information in professional articles.

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