AI for Mobility

To know and talk about cars. Our machine is made for this.

Assigning and answering driver questions correctly, supporting garages in failure analysis, researching patents: Our Cognitive Workbench can support the automotive industry in essential areas. Automatically. Thinking along with you. Self-learning.
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    As full process or single modules

    From OCR and text import to classification, extraction and conversational processing

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    Expandable, trainable, and actively learning

    In-house developed car part recognizer, modifiable and trainable for every vehicle type, every model, every component

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    On-premises and highly secure

    100% compatible with your existing systems and security infrastructures (also embedded)

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How car manufacturers and suppliers benefit from it.

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    Patent research

    Support your R&D department with intelligent research services. You can use the Cognitive Workbench to accurately analyze worldwide patent databases as well as research reports, court rulings and much more.

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    Garage reports

    The Cognitive Workbench helps you to evaluate workshop reports as a whole or only according to certain contents. In this way you can create statistics and feed your quality management with well-founded information.

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    Automate your second-level support. With the help of the Cognitive Workbench you can create a collaborative knowledge database and thus ensure greater efficiency in warranty and goodwill issues, error analysis, spare parts procurement, etc.

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    Conversational car

    Improve the customer experience by giving your language assistant the ability to correctly classify and answer even unusual questions – even when the system is hearing a question for the very first time.

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    Semantic tools

    Build an intelligent knowledge base with your existing digitized and non-digitized document inventory. Configure it user-specifically, e.g. for researchers, engineers, workshop managers, support staff, patent attorneys.

What it does

The Cognitive Workbench in mobility.
A new quality in information management.

Expectations for the digitized automotive industry could hardly be higher: Drivers want vehicle information in real time. Service companies demand dedicated support. And even the company’s own developers are increasingly dependent on precise information at the right time. It is well known that the problem is not the information itself – it is available in abundance. It’s all about finding, recognizing, extracting, and processing information in a target-oriented way. This is where our Cognitive Workbench can help you make significant progress.

Our machine recognises what’s important.

Screenshot Annotation Editor Screenshot Annotation Editor Screenshot Annotation Editor

Analyze documents and reports

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Do you need to scan a technology for existing patents? Or should thousands of workshop reports be evaluated? Whenever you need to search through unstructured text, you don’t have to hassle any employee. Our Cognitive Workbench does it for you, finds and extracts relevant information and gets better every time – through training and self-learning.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Improve question-answer systems

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Chatbots and language assistants are constantly overwhelmed by the variability with which people ask their questions. The desire to “open the trunk” is not yet a problem, but if the user simply wants to “get the groceries out”, it gets exciting. In order to deposit all imaginable (and not imaginable) questions and commands, you would have to employ cohorts of editors. Our Cognitive Workbench, on the other hand, is able to recognize paraphrases of the same question type, cluster them according to intents, and suggest correct answers. On its own.

Screenshot Text Similarity App Screenshot Text Similarity App Screenshot Text Similarity App

Providing Intelligent Knowledge Bases

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For internal and external communication, no automobile manufacturer will be able to avoid creating a comprehensive digital holistic description of its vehicles and their on average up to 10,000 components and making them available to a cognitive system. However, such systems are only truly intelligent if, for example, they learn by themselves that a cylinder usually belongs to the engine and can be located in the engine compartment – but has nothing to do with the cylinder lock of the steering wheel lock. Our Cognitive Workbench demonstrates impressive learning behavior here. We are happy to demonstrate it to you.

Train fast. Apply immediately.
In a closed data loop.

The Cognitive Workbench: Every newly trained skill can be applied immediately and productively. With just a few clicks you can create a docker container with selected recognisers. You can then integrate it directly into your internal systems. Your systems in turn deliver feedback right back to the Workbench, from which it learns again. Scalable as desired. Flexible control. On-premises.

Our Product

Understands every language. Learns any knowledge.
Trains without a break.

Our Cognitive Workbench is not a rigid, rule-based software. It is a true Enterprise AI platform: a universal, intelligently learning text and document mining system. It can be trained and configured highly specifically for any language, any knowledge and any application area. Simple and efficient. And again and again if required.

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