EXB – Cognitive Claims Assistant

Data Extraction and Classification for Claims Management Automation

The only natural language processing platform that fully understands entire documents, claims, invoices, images, medical reports, and claims reports to support your decision-making and automation processes.
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    Ready to Use Pre-Trained Modules

    From OCR to classification, extraction, and validation. With our Cognitive Claims Assistant you can immediately automate the entire workflow in claims management with a solution that understands your specific cases and adapts to your processes.

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    360° Full Document Understanding

    Claims and medical reports often consist of many separate sub-documents such as cover letter, invoice, long-form reports, drawings, tables…Our Cognitive Claims Assistant understands and processes claims as a whole exactly like a human being.

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    Smart and Scalable Solution

    A single solution that allows you to extract information from all your claims and reports. Our Cognitive Claims Assistant uses contextual and positional clues to clearly identify agents, actions, and correlations. The more cases the more accurate the system gets.

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Our Promise

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    Highest accuracy in classification and extraction thanks to intelligent post-processing

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    A single platform that can handle every document type for every workflow (instead of forcing you to work with different tools and providers for different processes)

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    Highest degree of automation without human supervision. Your way to a fully AI-enabled organization

Our Product

The On-Premise or AIaaS Claims Management Solution that Converts any Text into Insightful and Actionable Information

We can deliver ready-to-implement ML modules to process common cases like, for example, invoices, insurance claims, medical reports, and more.

But ExB can also provide you with built-to-order models trained on your specific use cases, vocabulary, and processes.

With our Cognitive Claims Assistant you can extract all the information which is relevant for you and feed your current RPA or BPM systems with the right data in the correct format to improve decision-making processes, speed to insights, and automation processes.

Cognitive Claims Assistant- ROI Calculator

Use our calculator to check the return on investment of our Cognitive Policy Assistant for example when it comes to processing invoices.

Simply fill out all the orange fields . The results will update in real time.

Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Selecting the Right AI platform

Free ExB Whitepaper

Learn how to define meaningful criteria to evaluate and select the right AI platform for your business.

Why ExB

Highest Degree of Process Automation for Invoice and Claims Management without Human Supervision

ExB products are created by top researchers and experts in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our Cognitive Claims Assistant offers the highest degree of accuracy thanks to a multimodal-AI approach and intelligent post-processing.

And the best thing is the cumulative benefit that arises for using our platform for multiple use cases: ExB becomes faster, more intelligent, and cheaper with every use case!

And the best part is that the more use cases the faster ExB learns and more accurate it becomes.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Smarter AI

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ExB uses Multimodal AI, contextual and positional cues, and the latest NLP algorithms. Therefore, we’re able to guarantee the highest degree of automation and accuracy without human supervision.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Unlimited Scope

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The Cognitive Policy Assistant can process any document independently from language, vocabulary, and format. All ExB products can be trained to perfectly adapt to your specific workflows and extract the information you need for process automation.

Fast Implementation

We already have a long series of ready-to-use pre-trained models you can implement today. Our service modules can be deployed in no time and directly integrated in your existing RPA or Input Management system.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Maximum scalability

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Our Cognitive Policy Assistant can be scaled at will in terms of volume, depth of understanding, process depth, languages and business use cases.

Screenshot Release Notes Screenshot Release Notes Screenshot Release Notes

Continuous Development

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Our team of researchers and developers never stops improving our products

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Higher ROI

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Multiple use cases, immediate implementation, and scope for expansion.

The more modules you implement the higher the ROI as price decreases with each module but accuracy and speed increases.

ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme

Easy Integration

ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme

AI models can be deployed as a service and integrated into the core system or existing input management software, through standardized interfaces.

Maximum Security

ExB works with the largest insurance companies that obviously expect compliance, data blindness, and ad hoc implementation.

Would you like to learn more about the features and functions of our Cognitive Claims Assistant? Talk to us!

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