Email Data Extraction Assistant

Automatically classify incoming requests and extract information from emails and attachments

Let our AI process data for incoming customer requests, claims, invoices, contract changes, inquiries and more.
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    Holistic Document View

    Our AI processes incoming requests as a whole, meaning that different components (such as e.g. a cover letter, an invoice, attached images) are treated as a single document and information is extracted based on document structure and relational cues.

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    One single platform

    With ExB you don't need to manage a series of API providers for different use cases. Our platform covers every use case and workflow, even the most uncommon ones. ExB extracts based on the information YOU need to carry out the process.

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    Modular and scalable

    Let's analyze your use cases together. We combine your know-how on process management with our technology to make sure our solution perfectly matches your needs in terms of price, volume, language(s), use case, data. ExB is flexible and scalable.

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Our Promise

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    Highest accuracy in classification and extraction thanks to intelligent post-processing

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    A single platform that can handle every document type for every workflow (instead of forcing you to work with different tools and providers for different processes)

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    Highest degree of automation without human supervision. Your way to a fully AI-enabled organization

ML-driven Document Classification and data extraction

Others optimize processes. ExB transforms your entire organization with Cognitive Process Automation.

ExB builds the foundations for a solid AI infrastructure to process information across your entire organization.

One platform, one single solution to automatically extract information from incoming emails and feed structured data into your existing RPA or BPM system.

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Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Selecting the Right AI platform

Free ExB Whitepaper

Learn how to define meaningful criteria to evaluate and select the right AI platform for your business.

Why ExB

Our unique multimodal-AI approach: Highest accuracy without any coding

ExB uses the latest deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms combined with computer vision to truly understand the content of emails and attached documents based on positional cues, context, structure, intent.

The result: our AI is capable of truly understanding and processing documents like a human being.

degree of automation in email data extraction degree of automation in email data extraction degree of automation in email data extraction

From 25% to 75% automation rate

degree of automation in email data extraction

ExB excels where others fail. Our holistic approach to intelligent document processing allows us to offer three times the automation rate of other providers with a higher degree of accuracy.

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No technical know-how required

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We provide an email automation platform that anybody can use without any technical know-how. No experts and no coding required.

Completely unstructured documents are a piece of cake

Emails are a mix of semi-structured and completely unstructured documents. While other services only process tables and invoices, ExB understands and process free texts and reports without any problems.

You decide how to work with us

ExB offers a library of pre-trained modules that are generated to process different use cases (such as contract termination, medical claims, contract information changes…). But you can also request us to create bespoken modules for your unique workflows or even decide to personally use our Cognitive Workbench (the zero code training environment developed by ExB) to create and train your own modules.

Faster, cheaper, better

ExB offers the highest degree of automation and accuracy for every document and workflow. Existing modules are ready to implement while our Cognitive Workbench allows us (or you) to train new modules in days instead of months. Immediate ROI from the first use case.

custom deployment for data capture and data extraction solution custom deployment for data capture and data extraction solution custom deployment for data capture and data extraction solution

Custom Deployment

custom deployment for data capture and data extraction solution

ExB adapts to your needs. Not only in terms of processes and features but also in terms of deployment: on-premise, public cloud (SaaS or AIaaS), private cloud, or distributed through our own server. The choice is yours.

ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme

Infinite integrations

ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme

ExB allows you to export structured data extracted from emails into any existing process automation, input management, or ERP system. Our solution architects and customer success managers will work with you from day one to guarantee a smooth implementation and integration of ExB within your current ecosystem.

Immediate ROI from day one

Better customer service that creates higher competitiveness

Improve your customer experience with faster response time to customer requests.

A better customer experience leads to higher customer retention and higher competitiveness. Enable your employees to work faster and more efficiently with an email assistant that automatically processes customer requests 95% faster.

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