Ramin Assadollahi “talks #digitalization” at Infineon

Infineon CEO and ExB CEO talking


Exchanging experts’ thoughts about applying Artificial Intelligence

ExB CEO and founder Dr. Ramin Assadollahi has been part of the “talk #digitalization”, an internal event-series held and organized by Infineon. Infineon is a leading provider of semiconductor solutions. The goal of the series is to inform employees about the numerous – currently more than 100 – projects and initiatives dealing with various aspects of digitalization at the DAX-company, to learn from and inspire each other.

The second event of the series took place on September 28 and addressed the topic of “Artificial Intelligence”. Dr. Assadollahi had the honor to share his own experience and ExB’s expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence – more specifically on how AI can improve the driving experience. Together with Hartmut Hiller, Vice President of Design Enabling & Services (DES) at Infineon, who kicked off the event, Stephan Schoenfeldt from the power management & multimarket (PMM) division, Karsten Schmidt, from corporate supply chain at the Dresden plant, Dr. Assadollahi discussed the questions “What is Artificial Intelligence?”, “Where is it being used at Infineon?”, and “What are the specific benefits for Infineon?”. After the presentations Infineon CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss as well as COO Jochen Hanebeck participated in a Q&A session with the audience.

Since Infineon supplies components for automated vehicles, which have to be able to interact in a practical way, Dr. Assadollahi could deliver valuable insights on how ExB is applying AI to improve the driving experience on many levels. In addition, given that the products of Infineon are capable to recognize things driver behavior, the state of the car and the vehicle’s environment, Dr. Assadollahi demonstrated the advantages of intelligently linking and relating data of the individual sensors to each other.