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Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) for Customer-Centric Insurance Companies
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    Automated Contract Management

    Ready-to-deploy set of models for that lead to a higher degree of automation in policy management: address change, bank details, contract termination.

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    Claims Handling and Reports

    ExB converts complex unstructured data into bite-sized actionable information to boost speed to insights and time to response.

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    Trainable Customized Models

    Not only out-of-the-box, ready-to-use models. ExB is a powerful and flexible solution that can be used to develop and train tailored models for your specific needs.

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Our Product

The On-Premise or AIaaS CPA Solution that Converts any Text into Insightful and Actionable Information

ExB leverages AI and ML and uses a powerful Cognitive Workbench (CWB) to continuously develop and improve models that turn any sort of unstructured data into insightful information.

Unlike rule-based systems, AI-based models can adapt to your specific needs and easily cope with unpredictability and changes. Therefore, ExB offers the highest degree of scalability, flexibility, and the highest level of innovation that generates immediate ROI.

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Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Selecting the Right AI platform

Free ExB Whitepaper

Learn how to define meaningful criteria to evaluate and select the right AI platform for your business.

Why ExB

Cognitive Automation Developed by Top NLP and ML
Scientists and Researchers

Artificial Intelligence Developed by People Focusing on the Human Experience

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Smarter AI

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

State of the art latest Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms that easily cope with unpredictability.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Unlimited Scope

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

The Cognitive Workbench can be trained to handle any form of text in any language.

Fast Implementation

Anybody in your company can work with our user-friendly platform. User training is simple and configuration is immediate.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Maximum scalability

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Our CWB can be scaled at will in terms of volume, depth of understanding, process depth, languages and business areas

Screenshot Release Notes Screenshot Release Notes Screenshot Release Notes

Continuous Development

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Our team of researchers and developers never stops improving our products

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Higher ROI

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Multiple use cases, immediate implementation, and scope for expansion.

Easy Integration

AI models can be deployed as a service and integrated into the core system or existing input management software, through standardized interfaces.

Maximum Security

ExB works with the largest insurance companies that obviously expect compliance, data blindness, and ad hoc implementation.

Would you like to learn more about the features and functions of the Cognitive Workbench? Talk to us!

Efficiency from Day One with AI Models
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Better Customer Experience
Remarkable Employee Experience
Higher Competitiveness
More Flexibility, Scalability, and Speed
40% Lower Costs

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