AI in Health

The overload of documents in the health sector: If only there was a machine that could handle it. Well, there is one now.

Read patient files, evaluate laboratory reports, process invoices, summarize medical publications. The Cognitive Workbench can do all this for you. Thanks to its unique technological basis. And our expertise in the healthcare sector.
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    As full process or single modules

    From OCR and text import to classification, extraction and normalization

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    Expandable, trainable, and actively learning

    Advanced pharmaceutical recognizers, scalable to any specific, to any language, across the entire process chain

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    On-premise and highly secure

    100% compatible with your existing system, fully compliant with data protection requirements

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Practical applications

This is how the health sector benefits from it.

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    Laboratory reports

    Use the Cognitive Workbench to analyze internal and external laboratory reports according to your defined standards – even if the information structure is very different.

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    Medical records

    Use the Cognitive Workbench to reliably automatically capture patient files and integrate them into your system.

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    Medical diagnoses

    Use the Cognitive Workbench to control the automatic entry and assignment of medical diagnoses and findings, including the assignment of correct ICD-10 or MeSH keys.

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    Professional publications, patent reports, studies – turn the Cognitive Workbench into your Desk Research Assistant. It summarizes everything according to criteria you specify and can also carry out internal and external comparisons.

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    Medical bills

    Automatically capturing invoices from doctors or hospitals is one thing – processing them correctly the other. With the Cognitive Workbench, you have a sophisticated tool for classifying, extracting, normalizing and validating all types of service and cost statements.

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    Medical Imaging

    The Cognitive Workbench automatically detects and determines medically relevant anomalies in high-resolution images thanks to sophisticated visual recognisers.

What it does

The Cognitive Workbench in the health sector.
A new quality in document handling.

Whether it’s cost bearers, service providers or pharmaceutical manufacturers: the healthcare sector is groaning under the overwhelming flood of medical documents. The situation is aggravated by the fact that files, reports and technical essays are rarely structured and written in a uniform manner. How can the Cognitive Workbench provide the desired automation effects here?

Our Verstehmaschine gets it

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench - ADMET Screenshot Cognitive Workbench - ADMET Screenshot Cognitive Workbench - ADMET

Understands your terminology

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench - ADMET

The Cognitive Workbench has two crucial prerequisites for understanding semi-structured, health-based documents. On the one hand, a universal trainability on every conceivable jargon, on every specific. On the other hand, a custom-tailored configuration – for example with highly developed health- and pharma-specific recognizers or an embedding of PubMed/PMC data.

Deals with tables

Instead of looking at a word or a number solitary, our machine also analyzes what happens left and right of it, above and below it. This multidimensional recognition ensures a precise correlative and causal allocation of information. This is essential for understanding lists and tables, for example in medical reports and studies, but also in hospital and physician bills.

Normalisierung MeSH Normalisierung MeSH Normalisierung MeSH

Normalises, e.g. to ICD-10

Normalisierung MeSH

The Cognitive Workbench can automatically determine the correct ICD-10 key from full-text disease descriptions and attribute it to it. In addition to or instead of ICD-10, you can also use other external and internal knowledge bases (e.g. MeSH) as normalization standards. The universal trainability of the Workbench is also of importance here.

Screenshot PubMed/PMC Import Screenshot PubMed/PMC Import Screenshot PubMed/PMC Import

Health is close to our heart

Screenshot PubMed/PMC Import

The Cognitive Workbench pursues a universal solution approach for many industries. But there is a very special connection to the healthcare industry. Some of us come from the medical field ourselves. Not least because of this background, we can offer you conversations and solutions at eye level.

Our Product

Understands every language. Learns any knowledge.
Trains without a break.

Our Cognitive Workbench is not a rigid, rule-based software. It is a true Enterprise AI platform: a universal, intelligently learning text and document mining system. It can be trained and configured highly specifically for any language, any knowledge and any application area. Simple and efficient. And again and again if required.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Train fast. Apply immediately.
In a closed data loop.

The Cognitive Workbench: Every newly trained skill can be applied immediately and productively. With just a few clicks you can create a docker container with selected recognisers. You can then integrate it directly into your internal systems. Your systems in turn deliver feedback right back to the Workbench, from which it learns again. Scalable as desired. Flexible control. On-premises.

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