AI pricing models

The Cognitive Workbench should pay off for you. This is exactly how we set our prices.

The purpose of using artificial intelligence is to save time and money. In this respect, AI never represents an abstract investment, but a real, predictable contribution to added value in your company. It is precisely this contribution upon which we base our fees, with fair, transparent pricing models.

Use-case-dependent licensing models

The work of an Enterprise AI system cannot be legitimately priced with rigid monthly subscriptions. The requirements and objectives vary too greatly – as do the various applications of our cognitive system. ExB consider – depending on the use case – the number of people accessing the system, the volume of text to be edited or the depth of understanding required:

Use case
Invest by userInvest by volumeInvest by depth
Invoice recognition
Expert report analysis
Medical research
Deep search

■ Primary dimension
□ Secondary dimension

We are happy to make you an individual offer based on your specific requirements.

What should you expect?

The processing of enormous amounts of data is a characteristic and at the same time a prerequisite of Artificial Intelligence. One could also say: no intelligence without volume.

Accordingly, our Cognitive Workbench requires a certain minimum amount of processing volume. The corresponding license fees are offset by savings that are often ten times higher. We will be pleased to present you with verified ROI example calculations.

Attractive evaluation licences

In order to get a first impression of the potential of the Cognitive Workbench and to test it extensively, evaluation licenses are available. They include full access to all functions of our product, but are limited to a test environment.

These licences include several user accounts to cover the different roles. We are pleased to make you an attractive offer for training of the operation of the system, especially for creating your own models.

A test environment can be set up in our certified data center in Leipzig (as SaaS) or at your site.

The evaluation license can be extended to a test license. This gives you the opportunity to test models – to a limited extent – in your productive environment.

ExB has no access whatsoever to the data you process, unless you request it (we have corresponding agreements for contract data processing prepared). Training data created by you can be exported. These of course belong to your company after any test run.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a suitable evaluation license and an ROI analysis for your company.

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Our industry solutions

The Cognitive Workbench in insurance:
Process business mail more reliably.

To date, less than half of incoming business mail at insurance companies can be processed automatically. With the text mining of the Cognitive Workbench, you can initiate a trend reversal. Thanks to a significantly higher recognition quality – e.g. for damage reports, certificates of incapacity for work, medical letters and customer letters – you can relieve your clerks and reduce your operational costs.