The Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that turns any kind of documents into actionable insights

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Why ExB can’t be compared to any other solution

ExB Intelligent Document Processing

  • AI scope


    ExB is the only Intelligent Document Processing Solution that extracts data from every kind of document (not just simple tables, or invoices) for every process (not just the most common ones).

  • speed


    It only takes a few days and very few training documents for ExB to fully understand and learn how to automate your specific workflow.

  • best AI


    ExB doesn’t just understand words and their meaning in a specific context. ExB combines Computer Vision and the latest Natural Language Processing algorithms to understand layout and document structure to understand intent, purpose, and cause and effect relationships exactly as a human being.

  • performance


    Right out of the box, ExB outperforms every other IDP solution. However, the more you use ExB the more it learns how to deal with your specific use case and performance keeps increasing over time.

  • ExB technology


    Our machine learning infrastructure, its deployment, the integrations we offer, and the code we developed can’t be compared to anything else which is currently available in the market as our platform is the result of a decade of pure research and development.

  • ExB Intelligent Document Processing


    ExB is developed and maintained by top neurolingusits, computer scientists, and AI researchers. Plus, we don’t outsource annotation and data curation: we work with an internal team of experts who are fully qualified to train the platform for every use case.

  • ExB AI for Intelligent Document Processing


    ExB is a on-stop-shop solution for every data extraction and interpretation job. Our platform is an intelligent system that becomes smarter and cheaper the more documents it processes and the more use cases you use it for as insights and learnings are shared across modules.

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