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General questions

Replacing employees is not our stated goal. Our experience shows that customers who increase their document volume do not need to hire additional staff thanks to our solution. And some are using our solutions to offset natural employee attrition.

As a first step, it would be ideal to involve employees from the operational organization, input management and the business department. Then, in later phases, it is important to get approval from IT, cyber security and data protection.

It would be helpful if you can identify a specific problem in a knowledge-based workflow and provide us with details about current costs and document volume. If you can provide us with sample documents, that would be advantageous.

No problem! We can help you get that data. The most important thing is to first determine your optimization goal (e.g., cost, errors, time). Our experts can then go into detail with you.

Our approach is to examine the exact activity of your knowledge workers or clerks. We want to understand how reading, deciding, writing and communicating is done. Based on this information, we model a system that can coordinate with you to pre-process documents to the decision point.

Yes, ExB has developed solutions for many industries. Our systematic approach to problem analysis is widely tested and proven. Give us a try!

Document processing is a complex and sensitive process that involves many steps. Without a specialized team, it’s hard to keep track of everything. At ExB, a team of more than 80 motivated employees is dedicated exclusively to this task in order to provide you with the best possible quality.

We offer several hosting options: In-house hosting, hosting through us, hosting through AWS Germany, or shared hosting on-premises at your location.

Yes, we offer hosting in Germany.

Unlike pure API providers, our goal is real efficiency gains on the customer side. To achieve this, we need to understand the exact workflow and model it accordingly. This makes us more customized and effective than many other vendors.

If we receive data from different customers and they give their consent, then yes. More data, especially data with greater variance, leads to more robust machine learning models that benefit all participants.

We have several levels of quality measurement. Each module in our process chain is closely scrutinized. In addition, we also help our customers measure quality on their end to ensure maximum efficiency gains.

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Questions about data security

There are diverse approaches to processing patient data securely and according to requirements. We offer options such as data slicing, which separates health data from personal data. Other methods include anonymization/pseudonymization or processing directly in your protected infrastructure (on-premises). We are happy to discuss the specific use case with you to find the best solution.

Yes, we are certified to ISO 27001. This international standard focuses on protecting confidential information, the integrity as well as availability of information in organizations.

Of course. We handle data according to current standards. After a project is completed, the data is destroyed. Only people essential to the project have access to this data. We are ready to discuss your Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM) catalog with you.

Of course, ExB operates fully in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our processes include both ensuring the rights of data subjects and implementing technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate data protection.

Questions about technology

Not exclusively. While OCR software recognizes letters from image pixels, ExB also captures the meaning and context of words. The software can identify people, their roles and spatial relationships in documents. It can also recognize elements such as forms, signatures and logos. OCR stands for “optical character recognition.” It is a technology that recognizes printed or handwritten text in digital form from an image or a scanned document page.

No, ExB is not a DMS. While a DMS stores documents for efficient access and often includes features such as a search engine or rights management, ExB focuses on analyzing the content of documents and extracting relevant information. This information can then be further processed in various systems such as CRM, ERP, RPA, Data Lakes and others. ExB can process a high number of documents quickly, but does not store them.

ExB’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) combines advanced technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically recognize, classify and extract complex documents. It enables organizations to transform unstructured data into formatted and usable information, reducing manual data entry, increasing process efficiency and improving data quality.

ExB offers a comprehensive set of solutions and technologies to efficiently process documents. From text recognition and document splitting and matching to data extraction and plausibility checking, we have everything you need to handle different document types.

Yes. Our solutions can be deployed in both private and public cloud environments. By default, our servers are hosted in Germany, but they are also compatible with all Kubernetes-based cloud systems.

Unlike some competitors who provide quick upload trials, we take a deeper understanding approach to your requirements and workflows. This allows us to provide you with a customized solution that is best suited to your needs. To get a closer look at our technology, we offer a no-obligation live demo at any time.

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Question about prices

The cost of ExB is made up of several factors: Hosting, AI setup, licenses, document type and volume. They depend on factors such as your data complexity and specific requirements. We offer fair, transparent pricing that reflects the real value our solution creates.

ExB values sustainable digitization partnerships. Our software is customized to your business. We focus on quality and sustainability. Many of our customers have switched to us after being dissatisfied with other vendors.

Our costs consist of hosting, setup and operations. For clearly defined projects, there are upfront costs for setup and one year of operation. There is also the option to break projects into phases to minimize risk.

Our software is customized to your organization. A paid project allows for accurate validation of your digitization opportunities before major investments are made. This ensures transparency and honest cost evaluation.

Our billing is based on your document volume and can be monthly, quarterly or annually. We offer flexible payment options tailored to your business.

Our pricing plans are not rigid, but flexible and are designed specifically for you. Please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you promptly to discuss a proposal that is specifically tailored to your challenges and goals. 

Yes, our pricing model is based on document type and volume. By comparing your current costs to the investment in our software, you can identify savings opportunities. Typically, our software pays for itself starting at an annual cost of approximately 50,000 Euros.

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Questions about competitive comparison

At ExB, we focus on understanding our customers’ specific requirements in the context of their digitization strategy. It’s not just about what we can offer compared to others, but how our solutions fit into your unique IT landscape.

Quality and depth come at a price. “One size fits all” solutions are often not optimally customizable and cost significantly more in the medium term than initially calculated. At ExB, we work closely with our customers to provide customized solutions that add real value.

Yes, in most cases it does. Our technology and approach are designed to dive deep into your specific requirements and are continuously improving.

Measurements can be deceptive if they are not performed under real-world conditions. At ExB, we rely on realistic, real-world testing to give you a clear picture of expected performance.

For individual use cases, other providers might suffice. But when it comes to comprehensive digitization strategies, we offer clear added value with our flexible platform and expertise.

What sets ExB apart is our flexibility to solve any document use case across different industries. Our custom AI models are able to extract information from any document type and process it for any workflow, be it digital or scanned documents, invoices, emails with attachments, or medical reports. We offer out-of-the-box solutions that are ready to be used and that can be customized as desired. Add to this our commitment to excellence, underpinned by a dedicated team of over 80 experts and our strict “Made in Germany” data protection standards. With ExB, you not only have a provider at your side, but a dedicated partner for your digitization strategy.

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Questions about ExB's services

ExB places great emphasis on efficiently analyzing your company’s documents to identify all the important elements for decision-making. Although we have intensive discussions with you about your business logic, it is not our ambition to directly implement or copy it. Your business strategies and logic are unique and should be under your control.

Under no circumstances does ExB sell knowledge about its customers. However, you will benefit from our extensive experience as we can identify and minimize risks in your projects due to the large number of digitization projects we have performed.

If we develop models exclusively based on your data, then they can be considered your own. However, ExB already brings a wide range of pre-developed models to projects. When you contribute to our data, you benefit from our extensive data ecosystem, which generally leads to better recognition results.

Yes, we actively engage with your team to reflect on and, where appropriate, refine your current business logic in the context of new AI opportunities. While we can offer guidance and support, we respect the fact that your business logic is a core part of your corporate identity and value creation process.

Our approach to knowledge transfer is complex. On the one hand, we help you better understand and potentially improve your internal processes using AI. On the other hand, our productive document analytics provide valuable insights that can help you better understand your input channels and make appropriate investment decisions.

A perfect score is a desirable goal. However, the reality of data and documents can vary. More important than perfection is often a pragmatic approach to optimization. We are willing to work closely with you to achieve the best possible results and meet your specific goals.

100% straight through processing is achievable under ideal conditions. However, external factors, such as the quality of incoming data, can affect this goal. For such challenging situations, we strive to work together to find proactive solutions.

Absolutely! Our workshops are designed to explore both digitization ideas and feasibility. We look at diverse aspects, from analyzing existing processes to integrating results into existing systems.

Yes, our consulting services cover a wide range of services. These include business process analysis, ROI calculation, and suggestions for improving workflows, especially in terms of efficient use of the information provided by our AI.

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Questions about implementation

Yes, in principle it is possible for you to train your AI solution independently. However, for the first project, we would recommend that we take over the responsibility. Often, customers do not have the in-depth expertise in creating training data and the associated processes at the beginning. The first project often serves as the basis for funding subsequent projects. Therefore, it is in both your and our interest that this first project is highly successful.

Yes, we offer training of the AI models as part of our service. The effort involved varies depending on the complexity of the project. Factors to be considered include the number of elements to be recognized, the variety of documents, and the different forms of expression.

Yes, we write rules, especially when data has certain patterns, such as the structure of a customer number. It makes sense to use existing knowledge from manuals, best practice guidelines and interviews with clerks. We have found that different clerks sometimes follow different rules, which provides valuable insights.

Yes, our models can learn autonomously, but with a quality assurance process. We review human corrections and how the AI weighs them against its predictions. Errors that arise from rules require investigation, but we have tools to facilitate this process.

Our priority is to work closely with you to make sure we meet our goals. AI is generally not binary. There is a quality threshold at which AI becomes commercially viable. A project must at least reach this point. Then, together, we can discuss further steps to improve quality and weigh whether the additional effort is justified.

Even with partial document recognition, technology can help make the process more efficient for clerks. There are several types of failures due to AI. In such cases, we coordinate closely with you to define the optimal subsequent process and consider how it can be further optimized through additional software or user interfaces.

The integration can be performed either by us, your own IT department, or by an IT service provider with whom you already cooperate. It is especially important to us that you can accurately measure overall performance, meaning the results after implementing our process. The more comprehensively you evaluate the process, the more precisely you can determine the improvements achieved.

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Key questions about ExB

No, that is exactly the advantage of ExB. While other vendors may be more deeply integrated into your processes and therefore would be harder to replace, ExB simply converts unstructured data into structured data. This process is clearly defined and therefore easily replaceable. Any business logic is ideally implemented on your side and remains in place when you change software.

ExB employs around 80 experts working in the areas of research, operations, scalability, usability and customer implementation.

Our investors are exclusively from Germany: these include private individuals, family offices, government institutions and a small proportion comes from venture capital.

ExB has been around for over 20 years and has been focused on large-scale document processing for the last eight years.

ExB stands out for its expertise in the latest technologies in Machine Learning, especially in terms of interchangeability, scalability and quality measurement. We reconcile more than twenty different technologies to fit specific customer needs. Our cross-industry experience is another plus. A study by VDI in 2022 found that on average, only 20% of AI projects are implemented productively. At ExB, it’s an impressive 95% because we work closely with our customers.

We have extensive experience in many different document types and application areas, be it engineering, insurance, legal or medical. Discuss your specific requirements with us and we will show you that your project is feasible in our hands. If it is not feasible, we will communicate this openly and explain the reasons.

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