IDP for every industry

With ExB, you automate your document processing – no matter what industry your company belongs to. With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly how Intelligent Document Processing can save you time, money and resources. 


One platform, all industries.

Process invoices automatically, sort inboxes or improve workflows – we understand your company’s unique needs and tailor our IDP platform to meet them.

Delivery documents, maintenance reports or quality assurance files – our IDP platform transforms data-rich documents into valuable insights.

With our long lasting IDP experience in the insurance industry, we easily automate your processes so that you are able to make informed decisions faster and more accurately.

Improved patient care, more efficient workflows, and faster decisions - our IDP platform is revolutionizing healthcare.

Our IDP platform enables transportation and logistics companies to better track and trace shippings, to optimize supply chains and to make informed decisions, leading to increased profitability.

With ExB, you can automatically capture, classify, and extract relevant information from your documents – and then seamlessly integrate the data into your banking systems.

We offer customized solutions specifically for the retail industry, using our IDP platform to process documents such as vendor invoices, inventory reports, and even customer feedback forms.

Customized AI models

Our platform is flexible enough to extract information from any type of document and process it for any workflow. With ExB, you can process digital and scanned documents, invoices, emails (with attachments), customer inquiries, reports, order confirmations, claims, forms, and any other type of unstructured data – completely automatically. Faster, more efficient and more accurate than ever before.

Support & Exper­tise

We are there for you – from consulting to beyond project completion. Our Professional Services Team is always there to help and answer any questions you may have. All in all, we can draw on more than 20 years of experience and can therefore offer not only a lot of expertise, but also a lot of heart and soul. No wonder, as behind ExB there are more than 80 passionate researchers, engineers, software and AI experts who understand the challenges and needs of customers and give their best every day to provide you with the best IDP platform on the market.

Data protection made in Germany

ExB takes the issues of data protection and data security very seriously and has concrete measures and certificates in place to ensure the security and compliance of its services. To protect your data, we rely on the highest cyber security requirements. In addition, we offer various hosting options: Either as a SaaS solution via our ISO-certified data center in Germany or on-premises, i.e. installed directly on your premises. This means that even highly sensitive, personal data can be processed securely without any problems. 

Simple integration

What doesn’t fit, is made to fit – because our AI models can be integrated into your existing systems exactly as you wish. From complete turnkey solutions to embedding in your own AI/ML solutions – our experienced experts support you in your IDP platform project. Trustfully & cooperatively.

One platform,
endless possibilities.

ExB is an Intelligent Document Processing platform that transforms unstructured data from any type of document into structured results. Our AI-based software can not only extract all relevant information from your documents, but also understand them. This allows you to automate your processes and save both time & money, while improving your customer experience and employee satisfaction. Win-win.

christian michel

“ExB’s advanced technology enabled us to not only overcome AGILA’s challenges in animal health insurance, but also to provide added value. The high precision and automation of ExB’s AI extraction was a key factor in this.” 

Christian Michel, CEO
andy mura

“When it comes to innovation, we’ve come to see ExB as the thought leader in AI and IDP, and a valuable sparring partner capable of championing the key strategic role of ML and automation.” 

Andy Mura, Director Marketing
Thorsten Drews MTU

“Thanks to the collaboration with ExB, we have been able to tremendously optimize our email processes in conjunction with our procurement system. It is as if we have received a digital extension of our team, working tirelessly and accurately.” 

Thorsten Drews, IT-Projectmanager
MTU Maintenance Hannover
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  • What is the difference between rule-based and AI solutions?
  • Can historical data be used for training?
  • Does AI-supported document processing always have to be expensive?
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