Integrating ExB into your processes

 Seamless, uncomplicated, customized – ExB can easily be integrated into your existing systems. Read here how it works, what advantages you can expect and what makes our platform stand out.

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How the seamless integration of ExB into your systems works

Every customer receives their structured data and insights for automatic further processing – these can be seamlessly integrated into their existing systems. The integration can be done by us, your own IT department or by an IT service provider with whom you already cooperate. During the integration process it is particularly important to us that you are able to accurately measure the overall performance (i.e. the results after implementing our process). So the more comprehensively you evaluate the process, the more precisely you can determine the improvements achieved.

This is what distinguishes our IDP platform:

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Support from the expert

Integrating our AI models into your existing applications, workflows and systems is a simple, customized process. We have the experience and expertise to meet your exact requirements, whether you need a complete turnkey solution or prefer to embed it into your existing AI/ML solutions. Our experts are there to support you – trustfully and cooperatively. 

Customized implementation

Implementation is simple and designed for optimal integration into your existing system. Pre-trained modules allow you to integrate them directly into your processes, requiring only a small amount of technical effort. Once the system is set up, everything is done automatically and your clerks can largely automate their work.

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Optimized processes

Our joint journey begins with the technical break-through: we integrate our solution into your system and make our results testable on your side. Within two to three iterations (each lasting 4-6 weeks), we work together to continuously improve quality.

Additionally, ExB offers workshops. These are designed to explore both digitization ideas and feasibility. We look at various aspects, from analyzing existing processes to integrating results into existing systems.

Unlimited integration possibilities

Our integration possibilities are practically unlimited. With ExB, you can export structured data extracted from emails into any existing Process Automation, Input Management or ERP System. Our solution architects and customer success managers will work with you from day one to ensure a smooth implementation and integration of ExB into your existing environment.

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Flexible data export

Whether you want to feed your input management system with it or use the data for ERP, BPM or RPA systems – ExB adapts to your requirements. Our priority is to add real value to your processes and enable effective automation of your operations. ExB’s integration is simple yet powerful, always with the goal of making your processes more efficient and intelligent.

All about implementation

Our IDP platform consists of a series of processes that form a comprehensive document processing solution. Find out exactly how the implementation process works, how you can benefit from ExB’s offer, and everything else there is to know about implementation here.

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Whitepaper: The future of logistics

Find out how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is revolutionizing the supply chain.

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  • Advantages of IDP in logistics
  • Use cases from practice
  • Pitfalls and challenges


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Whitepaper is AI worth it?

Seven typical questions about AI answered:

  • Can AI help us digitize our well-rehearsed processes?
  • Are there already AI solutions for administrative processes?
  • What is the difference between OCR and AI?
  • What is the difference between rule-based and AI solutions?
  • Can historical data be used for training?
  • Does AI-supported document processing always have to be expensive?
  • How do you calculate the costs and ROI of an AI project?


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