Privacy – better safe than sorry

At ExB, the security of your data is our top priority. Our solutions and services are specifically designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data at all times. Our comprehensive approach to data protection, data security and compliance reflects our deep commitment to these important aspects.

G36 Datensicherheit Data Security Cyber Security

Data protection compliance with ExB

Made in Germany

ExB meets the highest cyber security requirements. Whether installed via our ISO-certified cloud solution in Germany or directly at your site, we ensure the secure processing of highly sensitive personal data. Our solutions are "Made in Germany" and stand for quality and security at the highest level.

Sensitive data

Handling sensitive data, especially patient data, requires special care. At ExB, we have various methods for this: from the separation of health and personal data, to anonymization/pseudonymization, to processing in a protected setting at your site. We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.


ExB is a certified AWS partner and ISO27001 certified. These certifications demonstrate our strong commitment to data security and compliance.

Data Lifecycle Management

At ExB, we process data according to established standards and destroy it after the project ends. Only persons responsible for the project have access to the data. We would be happy to discuss your catalog of technical and organizational measures (TOM) with you.

Compatibility with AWS

As a certified AWS partner, ExB can run in both private and public clouds. Our servers are hosted in Germany by default. In addition, our solution is compatible with all other Kubernetes-based cloud systems.

Hosting Options

At ExB, flexible hosting options are available to you. Whether in the AWS cloud in Germany, on-premises at your site or even as a shared hosting solution – we always offer you the right model.

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Learn who is behind ExB, what our vision is, what our company values are and why we are the right partner for intelligent document processing.

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Whitepaper: Die Zukunft der Logistik

Erfahren Sie, wie Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) die Lieferkette revolutioniert.

Unser Whitepaper behandelt:

  • Aktuelle Herausforderungen in der Logistik
  • Was ist IDP?
  • Vorteile von IDP in der Logistik
  • Use Cases aus der Praxis
  • Stolperfallen und Herausforderungen


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Whitepaper: Lohnt sich KI?

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  1. Kann uns KI dabei helfen, unsere eingespielten Prozesse zu digitalisieren?
  2. Gibt es bereits KI-Lösungen für administrative Prozesse?
  3. Was ist der Unterschied von OCR und KI?
  4. Worin besteht der Unterschied zwischen regelbasierten und KI-Lösungen?
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