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Expand your product offering with ExB, the industry-leading platform for document capture, classification and intelligent document processing. With an OEM partnership, you can benefit from the added value of our AI-based IDP technology give it a try.

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How to benefit from a partnership with ExB

Software vendors today face immense challenges as they need to differentiate themselves from the competition, be innovation leaders and ensure technological excellence at all times. The industry is changing rapidly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to master the digital transformation. Many companies are under constant competitive pressure and are looking for new, contemporary components to integrate into their product.

A partnership that pays off

With an OEM partnership with ExB, software providers can withstand exactly this pressure. By integrating AI as a new, attractive building block in your software toolbox, you not only open up innovative opportunities, but also position yourself as a technology leader in your market segment. Not only does ExB offer best-in-class solutions for document capture, classification and IDP technology, but it also enables you to attract new customers and build stronger loyalty among existing customers with these advanced solutions. The result? A significant increase in revenue and a stronger competitive advantage.

6 advantages of a partnership with ExB

Added value through AI

Integrate Artificial Intelligence as an attractive and innovative building block in your product to stand out from the competition and offer an enhanced feature set.

Easy integration & administration

Our solutions are designed to integrate effortlessly into your systems. This allows for straightforward administration and speeds up project implementation.

Focus on core competencies

By using our solutions, you can fully concentrate on your core competencies. Leave the technological part to us and use innovations easily and cost-effectively.

Future-proofing & excellence

Ensure that your offerings are always up to date by choosing our state-of-the-art and future-proof technologies.

Transparent cost structure

Benefit from a clear and flexible Pay-Per-Use model that guarantees financial predictability and adaptability.

Maximize revenue opportunities

By partnering with ExB, you can not only attract and retain customers, but also capitalize on new revenue potential.

And this is how we become partners

Initial contact

The first step is to develop a common understanding of our goals and ambitions. Here we discuss your needs and how ExB technology can help to meet them.

6 reasons why your customers will also love this partnership

Accelerated document processing through AI

Your customers can use Artificial Intelligence to process a wide variety of documents in a fraction of a second, making lengthy wait times a thing of the past.

Automate document-intensive workflows

ExB's advanced solutions can efficiently automate workflows that were previously characterized by a high volume of documents. This increases productivity and reduces sources of error.

Focus on value creation

By freeing your customers from redundant and inefficient work, you create space for what matters most. This allows them to focus on value-creating activities and to be innovative and creative in their work processes.

Rapid processing times

The integration of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) significantly reduces your customers' processing time. The result: faster order processing.

Cost savings

Automating and accelerating processes not only leads to faster results, but also to significant cost reductions.

Increased customer satisfaction

More efficient, faster service results in higher customer satisfaction, which in turn strengthens customer loyalty.

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Whitepaper: The future of logistics

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