ExB in the media

Whether Süddeutsche Zeitung, t3n, WIRED, Handelsblatt, FAZ or various trade magazines people are talking about us. What the media have to say about us and our AI-based IDP platform, you can read, see and hear here. 

Artificial Intelligence & Insurances

The article "Linguist Ramin Assadollahi ist der Maschinenversteher" from Handelsblatt is about how our CEO wants to make the insurance industry simpler.

FAZ interview
incl. video

FAZ spoke with our CEO Dr. Ramin Assadollahi and asked him, among other things, what the Americans are doing better in the field of artificial intelligence.

Automation in the insurance industry

IT Finanzmagazin features a study by ExB in their article "Versicherer sehen ihre Zukunft in Automatisierung und Cloud-Anwendungen."

AI in the insurance industry

In this interview with Versicherungsmagazin, Dr. Ramin Assadollahi explains what artificial intelligence can do and how it is improving the insurance industry.

Presentation at the University of Konstanz

In this video you can see the presentation "Bildung, Arbeit, Selbstwertschöpfung: Wie KI unsere Welt verändert" by Dr. Ramin Assadollahi at the University of Konstanz.

AI for scientists

In WIRED's editorial, our CEO Dr. Ramin Assadollahi explains how he wants to give scientists a better view of their research field.

Portrait about ExB

The portrait "ExB Labs: Dieses deutsche Unternehmen will es mit IBMs Watson aufnehmen" by t3n is about ExB's visions and the successes of our CEO.

AI in nursing care

The article "KI kann Pflegekräfte entlasten aber nicht ersetzen" from Häusliche Pflege is about the use of AI for diaconal work.

Presentation at the DLD Conference

In this video you can see the talk titled "Artificial Intelligence: It's Only the Beginning" by Dr. Ramin Assadollahi at the DLD Conference.

Claims handling with AI

At Versicherungswirtschaft heute, Assadollahi (CEO at ExB) wrote an article on "Claims Leakage mit künstlicher Intelligenz eindämmen"

The “Verstehmaschine” from ExB

In the Süddeutsche Zeitung article "Schweigegeld von Nokia", our CEO Ramin Assadollahi talks about the “Verstehmaschine” he has developed.

Contact person for
press inquiries

Michael Gzuk

Head of Marketing

I would be happy to answer your press inquiry. Please write to us at presse@exb.de.

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