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Learn about ExB’s vision, our company values and why we are the right partner for intelligent document processing.

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Our vision

ExB has had a clear goal since its foundation: to use technology in a way that serves people. At a time when data volumes are constantly growing and business processes are becoming increasingly complex, we firmly believe that artificial intelligence is the key to these challenges.

Our vision is to use AI to optimize workflows not only to save time and costs, but also to create space for creativity and innovation.

We rely on IDP!

The digital world gives us a metaphorical rhythm of data and documents, and we rely on Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to keep in step.

With over 20 years of experience and a team led by Europe’s leading AI expert Dr. Ramin Assadollahi, we have made it our mission to develop the ultimate Verstehmaschine. A machine that can not only process data, but also understand it, and thus support each company individually.

Our mission is your success

Our mission is to make your business more efficient, creative and innovative with the help of IDP. Join us to discover how AI can help you reach your full potential and focus on what matters. We will support you every step of the way. 

5 good reasons for ExB

We’ve summarized the top five reasons why we, in particular, are the right provider for your IDP platform.



Individual & flexible

Our IDP platform is particularly flexible and can solve any use case no matter what industry your company belongs to, what your workflows look like, or what types of documents you process. Our AI models are tailor-made.


1 team, 80 experts

Behind ExB are 80 passionate researchers, engineers and AI experts who give their best every day to make the ExB product even better. Benefit from the concentrated load of expertise or become part of the team.


ramin assadollahi

CEO and AI thought leader

If anyone knows AI, it’s ExB’s founder, Dr. Ramin Assadollahi. He is the author of numerous research papers in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neuroscience, in addition to being one of the inventors of “Next-Word Prediction”, which can now be found in all major mobile devices worldwide. On top of that, Dr. Ramin Assadollahi is one of the AI thought leaders in Europe. See for yourself.

AI made in Germany

ExB takes the topic of data protection & data security very seriously and has concrete measures and certificates in place to ensure the security and compliance of its services.


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The ExB management team

Our experienced management team represents ExB’s multidisciplinary and international approach. Each member is a leader in his or her field and will support you in the implementation of your IDP system.

Our values

These 5 corporate values are the pillars of our company and clearly show what is most important to us. In implementing them, we are guided by the well-known quote by Viktor Frankl: “Values cannot be taught, only exemplified.”



We deliver cutting-edge technology – and to provide our customers with outstanding solutions for intelligent document processing, we continuously set ambitious goals and use every day to become even better.


Trust is the basis of our cooperation. Through flat hierarchies, participative ways of working and the flexibility of where, when and how we work, we are able to design our work in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable.


Come as you are – at ExB we welcome everyone in a friendly way and with open arms. We work at eye level and listen to each other. That's why honesty and appreciation in our dealings with each other are very important to us.

Heart and soul

We all believe in the power of AI to create meaningful things, so our work is driven by our individual commitment and passion. Each one of us makes a valuable contribution and together we can achieve our goals and change the working world of tomorrow.


We curiously experiment with different technologies, tools, processes and ways of working to continuously make ourselves, our product and the collaboration with our customers even better. In doing so, we strongly believe in lifelong learning and support each other in our development.

Our locations

ExB in Munich

ExB Labs GmbH
St.-Martin-Straße 63
81669 Munich

ExB in Leipzig

ExB Research &
Development GmbH
Seeburgstraße 100
04103 Leipzig

Further contact options

Call +49 89 6931030
(Mon - Fri 9AM - 6PM)

News from ExB

 | Events

ExB’s top-tier results in the Camelyon Challenge at ISBI 2016 proves that its image analysis technology is able to handle extremely complex diagnostic tasks. The technology compared systems for identifying cancer in lymph node sections in two tasks.

 | Other

Berlin-based university hospital Charité is using cutting edge ExB technologies in its fibrosis research, in order to automate the analysis of tissue sections for early recognition of pathological changes. Doctor-performed histopathological analysis of liver biopsy samples is currently the gold standard for fibrosis, but is also very time-consuming.

 | Press

Following ExB’s sensational performance at the MICCAI/GlaS Challenge last year, the company’s image processing technology continues its winning streak in international competitions at the ISIC Challenge for automated skin lesion analysis and melanoma detection.

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