Typical use cases

We can integrate any information from any type of document into any workflow. Really. At ExB, we don’t just offer out-of-the-box solutions, we offer customized models to revolutionize your processes. Find out which use cases we frequently automate with our IDP platform, why ExB is the right provider for you, and what our customers think about us. 


Use cases of our IDP platform

Whether it’s a claim, procurement process, or invoice processing, our AI-powered IDP platform solves a wide range of use cases to help businesses improve efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce risk.

ExB takes care of automating your delivery documents for you, effectively helping you process large volumes of documents quickly and error-free. From waybills to warehouse reports to credit notes, our IDP solution processes and understands your documents and automatically enters your data into the appropriate system, whether it's a warehouse management system (WMS), transportation management system (TMS) or ERP system. Anything is possible.

Why ExB is the best choice

Individual & flexible

One size fits all? Not with us. Our IDP platform is set up individually for each customer. This makes it possible to extract any desired information from any type of document and integrate it into all workflows. ExB’s automated document processing is more flexible than any standard solution and can achieve the best possible results as a customized platform.

More than 20 years of experience

At ExB, you rely on over two decades of industry experience. Not only from 80 experts, but also from our founder and CEO Dr. Ramin Assadollahi, one of Europe’s leading AI thought leaders.

Made in Germany

ExB stands for quality. Our custom AI models are top-notch and we place great emphasis on our data protection and cybersecurity standards. As a German company, we set high standards in everything we do.

One platform,
endless possibilities.

ExB is an Intelligent Document Processing platform that transforms unstructured data from any type of document into structured results. Our AI-based software can not only extract all relevant information from your documents, but also understand them. This allows you to automate your processes and save both time & money, while improving your customer experience and employee satisfaction. Win-win.

christian michel

“ExB’s advanced technology enabled us to not only overcome AGILA’s challenges in animal health insurance, but also to provide added value. The high precision and automation of ExB’s AI extraction was a key factor in this.” 

Christian Michel, CEO
andy mura

“When it comes to innovation, we’ve come to see ExB as the thought leader in AI and IDP, and a valuable sparring partner capable of championing the key strategic role of ML and automation.” 

Andy Mura, Director Marketing
Thorsten Drews MTU

“Thanks to the collaboration with ExB, we have been able to tremendously optimize our email processes in conjunction with our procurement system. It is as if we have received a digital extension of our team, working tirelessly and accurately.” 

Thorsten Drews, IT-Projectmanager
MTU Maintenance Hannover
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