Artificial intelligence that truly understands and processes documents as a human

Change-of-address notifications, altered banking details and cancellations: customers expect quick handling, you as insurer expect efficient processing. ExB has just the right solution for you.
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    Use AI for case-closing, straight-through-processing

    From OCR through classification, to extraction, standardization and validation

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    Powerful, standardized and safely hosted on premise

    Scalable algorithms, easy to integrate and 100 % data protection compliant

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    Efficiency from Day 1, with flexible extention options

    Market-ready AI models for immediate use plus with customization tools

Your benefits

Increased efficiency in Input Management and Policy Administration

Lower the administration costs of your insurance products and enable your staff to take more time for individual customer service.

Thanks to ExB

  • 40%

    cost savings

  • Seconds

    instead of days of processing

  • 3x

    higher recognition quality

Create a competitive advantage

Thanks to the higher recognition quality of ExB’s AI models, the straight-through processing rate increases and your policy administration expenses decrease – your competitiveness improves sustainably.

Improve customer service

More case-closing straight-through-processing releases positive energy in your customer contact centers. It relieves your staff of mundane tasks and enables them to concentrate on your customers’ individual needs.

Reduce costs

Higher recognition quality reduces the need for manual control processes.

Increase processing speed

Standard business cases are automatically processed, virtually in real time.

Avoid extra work

Our customers often report that delays in processing lead to additional inquiries from their customers. And this situation snowballs – but that is now a thing of the past, thanks to the AI from ExB.

Fulfil customer expectations

Customers expect a response within 24 hours, especially via email correspondence. Today, however, response times can often be as much as 1-2 weeks. With ExB, you can finally meet customer expectations.

Data protection compliant

All of the components can be operated on premise, so that no personal data ever has to leave the company.
If you prefer to use our hosting service, you can rely on our high security standards. The protection of your data is of paramount importance to us.

Your route to an AI-Enabled Organization

The sophisticated AI models for policy administration are just the beginning. ExB supplies you with further models continuously. What’s more, all of the tools are also available to you, so that subject matter experts can train AI models for additional applications independently.
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Specific benefits

From the perspective of the various divisions

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    Policy Admin: Higher throughput with the same workforce

    Get more done with the same team size, and finally see the backlog begin to melt away.

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    Customer Contact Center: More satisfied employees

    Fewer repetitive and less demanding mundane tasks reduce frustration and trigger positive energy.

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    IT: Easy integration into the existing system landscape

    The sophisticated AI models can be deployed as a service and then integrated into a BPM, the core system or existing input management software, through standardized interfaces.

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    IT: On-premises or SaaS – whatever suits you better

    ExB provides the productive components, either as an API or, alternatively, we give you all the components you need to deploy on your own hardware or cloud environment.

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    Business Transformation: Flexibly extendable

    The application-specific models for policy administration are not rigid. They simply provide an example of the many possible use cases that ExB itself has created, using our AI training environment, the Cognitive Workbench. You can also use these tools as well and adapt the models to meet your specific requirements.

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    Business Transformation: A tool for subject matter experts

    The sophisticated AI models for policy administration are only a first step. ExB supplies you with further models continuously and also provides all of the tools so that your subject matter experts can train AI models for additional applications independently.

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    Data Science Department: Sensible use of expensive resources

    Make better use of your precious data scientists, rather than using them for NLP & Text Mining. ExB focuses on extracting structured information from unstructured data. You provide the logic for the evaluation and decision making based on this information.

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    Data Science Department: Transparent and comprehensible

    In our AI training environment, the Cognitive Workbench, your specialists can pick up the strengths and weaknesses of the models at all times and intervene if necessary.


Artificial Intelligence from ExB for insurance. A new level of quality in document processing.

Many insurance companies invest a huge amount of resources in automating their document processing, and still stagnate with automated processing of less than 50% of “touched” documents. Why would ExB, of all companies, be in a position to change this?

Our artificial intelligence works differently

It examines documents differently

Instead of just capturing text, data or images only, our system can process them all together. It learns not only what is in the document, but also where it is placed. It uses this spatial context to recognize meaningful connections – and thus extracts more useful content.

It detects correlations and causations

Rather than looking at a word or a number in isolation, our machine also analyzes what happens to the left of it, to the right of it, above and below it. This multidimensional recognition ensures a much more precise correlative and causal allocation of information. This is essential, for example, in the automatic recognition of lists and tables in documents as expert reports or invoices.

Screenshot Annotation Editor Screenshot Annotation Editor Screenshot Annotation Editor

It can be put to use immediately

Screenshot Annotation Editor

ExB has been investing in-use cases from the insurance sector since 2018, and has provided companies with fully functional models for clearly defined use cases, e.g. the processing of change-of-address notifications, altered banking details and cancellations by email! Very specific, but therefore also highly functional.

It allows you to intervene

Rather than depending on any service provider to adapt your software for you at some point, you simply optimize our system in-house. Define for yourself what our machine is supposed to recognize and train it without delay. The result is a system that is constantly evolving – offering you the chance to gain decisive competitive advantages.


Train further use-cases quickly and apply them instantly.

The Cognitive Workbench: Every newly trained skill can be applied immediately and productively. With just a few clicks you can create a docker container with selected recognisers. You can then integrate it directly into your internal systems. Your systems in turn deliver feedback right back to the Workbench, from which it learns again. Scalable as desired. Flexible control. On-premises.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

This is how Artificial Intelligence processes your incoming emails

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    Flexible input format for simple integration

    ExB is not only able to process text. It can also work with PDFs, scans, plain text, HTML or RTF emails; therefore, there is no need to make any adjustments to your input route.

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    Multimodal recognition for better quality

    Emails are not only understood as text, but also visually (layout). Paragraphs, greetings, footers or numbered lists, and even indents and quotation levels are recognized and can be hidden or specifically analyzed.

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    Context-sensitive recognition for more relevance

    Information is only relevant for decision-making if the context is accurately identified. For example, if a person’s name appears in the text several times and the role of that person, as the policyholder, is apparent from different contexts, our system can summarize this information, thereby becoming “more reliable”.

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    A modular design for easier further processing

    Complex information can be made up of less complex data, i.e. a recognized address is not just seen as a single text, but is rather recognized in its entirety, e.g. Munich as a city and 80333 as the corresponding zip code.

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    Validated information for consistent output

    First, the recognizers capture the information as it appears in the text, or as it was recognized by OCR. Then, they correct, standardize and validate the captured data, in order to improve the quality of the output.

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    Feedback from databases for reference purposes

    The first step is to verify information within the document and the second step is to make use of external knowledge. With a lightweight and data-protection compliant interface, all you have to do is connect the ExB detectors to your existing databases. This enables you to use your existing knowledge for more quality in terms of input management.

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    Automatic quality assessment for more confidence

    Our system measures the recognition quality and the business benefit that is generated fully automatically, and on several levels. This gives you absolute transparency regarding the output quality, and enables you to establish confidence and the courage to implement case-closing straight-through processing.

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    Standardized output format for easy integration into your process chain

    As output, our components provide you with a standardized, well-documented data file for each input, which can easily be further processed, regardless of whether it is in your core insurance system, your BPM engine or your existing input management solution.

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    Pay per use, without any risk

    We are absolutely confident in the quality of our AI models; therefore you only pay if you use the models productively, according to the number of documents processed.


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