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ExB is an AI-based platform that can process all your documents automatically and in seconds. Revolutionize your business processes with Intelligent Document Processing.

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ExB is an Intelligent Document Processing platform that transforms unstructured data from any type of document into structured results. Our AI-based software can not only extract all relevant information from your documents, but also understand them. This allows you to automate your processes and save both time & money, while improving your customer experience and employee satisfaction. Win-win.

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Use cases of our IDP platform

Whether it’s a claim, procurement process, or invoice processing – our AI-based IDP platform solves a variety of use cases, helping businesses increase efficiency, boost revenue, and reduce risks.

ExB takes care of automating your delivery documents for you, effectively helping you process large volumes of documents quickly and error-free. From waybills to warehouse reports to credit notes, our IDP solution processes and understands your documents and automatically enters your data into the appropriate system, whether it's a warehouse management system (WMS), transportation management system (TMS) or ERP system. Anything is possible.

More efficient, faster, more accurate – automate your procurement processes with us and let ExB take care of quotation management and price entry in your ERP systems. Our IDP solution automatically reads and analyzes incoming quotations, captures all relevant information and reconciles it with your ERP system. Whether invoice, contract or receipt – let our AI process your documents in real time.

Our IDP solution helps you automatically enter and track customer orders and set triggers for order fulfillment. Whether it's packing lists, purchase orders, invoices, delivery bills or shipping labels – with ExB, you can speed up the entire ordering process, shortening your delivery times and improving customer satisfaction at the same time. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Especially in the financial world, mistakes can be really expensive – that's why our AI platform takes care of your invoice processing and approval. Thanks to automated processes, this not only increases efficiency, but also minimizes the risk of errors. Whether it's an incoming invoice, order confirmation, credit bill or delivery bill – ExB's IDP solution makes invoice processing a breeze.

With ExB, we offer the only natural language processing platform that fully understands and processes documents such as claims, accident reports, invoices, photos and police reports as a whole. Automatic information retrieval significantly speeds up the claims processing process while reducing errors.

E-mails with and without PDFs, faxes, scanned documents – every day, companies receive a huge number of a wide variety of documents. With ExB, you can automate your inbox and not only optimize your internal workflow, but also shorten your response time and minimize errors at the same time. An absolute life changer, promised.

Your benefits with ExB

Compelling Numbers: These four benefits clearly illustrate how our IDP platform improves your business.

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Cost savings
With ExB's IDP platform, you save real money.
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Automation rate
With ExB, the proportion of documents processed with IT support without human intervention is this high.
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Less processing time
Manual processing? That's a thing of the past. With us, you significantly reduce document processing time.
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We always do our best – and it pays off because our customers are satisfied and recommend us.

One platform, all industries.

Our AI understands you – no matter which industry your company is in. With our tailored models, we can address your specific needs and revolutionize your processes with intelligent document processing.

Delivery documents, maintenance reports or quality assurance files – our IDP platform transforms data-rich documents into valuable insights.

With our long lasting IDP experience in the insurance industry, we easily automate your processes so that you are able to make informed decisions faster and more accurately.

Improved patient care, more efficient workflows, and faster decisions - our IDP platform is revolutionizing healthcare.

Our IDP platform enables transportation and logistics companies to better track and trace shippings, to optimize supply chains and to make informed decisions, leading to increased profitability.

With ExB, you can automatically capture, classify, and extract relevant information from your documents – and then seamlessly integrate the data into your banking systems.

We offer customized solutions specifically for the retail industry, using our IDP platform to process documents such as vendor invoices, inventory reports, and even customer feedback forms.

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“ExB’s advanced technology enabled us to not only overcome AGILA’s challenges in animal health insurance, but also to provide added value. The high precision and automation of ExB’s AI extraction was a key factor in this.” 

Christian Michel, Geschäftsführer
andy mura

“When it comes to innovation, we’ve come to see ExB as the thought leader in AI and IDP, and a valuable sparring partner capable of championing the key strategic role of ML and automation.” 

Andy Mura, Director Marketing
Thorsten Drews MTU

“Thanks to the collaboration with ExB, we have been able to tremendously optimize our email processes in conjunction with our procurement system. It is as if we have received a digital extension of our team, working tirelessly and accurately.” 

Thorsten Drews, IT-Projectmanager
MTU Maintenance Hannover

Latest from ExB

 | Events

ExB’s top-tier results in the Camelyon Challenge at ISBI 2016 proves that its image analysis technology is able to handle extremely complex diagnostic tasks. The technology compared systems for identifying cancer in lymph node sections in two tasks.

 | Other

Berlin-based university hospital Charité is using cutting edge ExB technologies in its fibrosis research, in order to automate the analysis of tissue sections for early recognition of pathological changes. Doctor-performed histopathological analysis of liver biopsy samples is currently the gold standard for fibrosis, but is also very time-consuming.

 | Press

Following ExB’s sensational performance at the MICCAI/GlaS Challenge last year, the company’s image processing technology continues its winning streak in international competitions at the ISIC Challenge for automated skin lesion analysis and melanoma detection.

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