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Whitepaper: The future of logistics

Find out how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is revolutionizing the supply chain.

Our white paper covers:

  • Current challenges in logistics
  • What is IDP?
  • Advantages of IDP in logistics
  • Use cases from practice
  • Pitfalls and challenges


Download your free copy of the white paper right here and revolutionize your supply chain with the help of AI!

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Whitepaper is AI worth it?

Seven typical questions about AI answered:

  • Can AI help us digitize our well-rehearsed processes?
  • Are there already AI solutions for administrative processes?
  • What is the difference between OCR and AI?
  • What is the difference between rule-based and AI solutions?
  • Can historical data be used for training?
  • Does AI-supported document processing always have to be expensive?
  • How do you calculate the costs and ROI of an AI project?


Download your free copy of the whitepaper right here and find out the answers to these questions!