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Productivity Increase

In a world characterized by increasing competition and constant technological progress, increasing productivity in companies is more than just a goal - it's a necessity. But what exactly is productivity and why is it so important for companies in all sectors? This article takes a comprehensive look at the topic of increasing productivity and shows how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps companies to increase efficiency and thus gain a decisive competitive advantage.
Mit Bauklötzen wird eine Produktivitätskurve in Form von vier unterschiedlich großen Türmen dargestellt
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Increasing productivity as a precursor to future corporate success

Productivity refers to the ratio of resources used (input) to goods or services produced (output). An increase in productivity therefore means producing more output with the same or even less input. Increasing productivity is not only crucial for the growth and success of individual companies, but also for the economy as a whole.

Definition and importance of increasing productivity

Due to dynamic market changes and technological breakthroughs, productivity increase has become the focus of entrepreneurial endeavors. In short, it’s about how efficiently a company converts its resources – be it time, money or labor – into valuable outputs or results. High productivity means doing more with less, a principle that is essential in today’s fast-paced business world.

Its importance cannot be overstated. Productivity increase is not only an indicator of a company’s efficiency and competitiveness, but also a key factor in its growth and profitability. With limited resources and ever-increasing competition, companies cannot afford to let up on their productivity. The continuous search for ways to increase efficiency is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity.

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in increasing productivity

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in this context. AI technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for workflow automation, optimizing workflows and minimizing errors – all factors that directly contribute to increased productivity. By using AI, companies can make data-driven decisions, streamline their operations and use resources more efficiently. AI is therefore a powerful tool for taking corporate productivity to the next level.

ExB: Catalyst for increasing productivity through AI

This is where we come in, as the leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform specifically designed to increase business productivity. We use advanced AI models to automate the processing of unstructured data – a notoriously time-consuming and error-prone process. From automatically extracting and classifying data about documents to seamlessly integrating this information into existing business processes, we offer a comprehensive solution that enables your organization to work more efficiently and effectively.

By reducing manual tasks, minimizing sources of error and speeding up data processing, our IDP solution allows you to focus your resources on value-adding activities. The result is a significant increase in the productivity of your operations, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased competitiveness. You will find more details on this later in the article.

Relevance of increasing productivity for various industries and companies

 Productivity increase knows no industry boundaries. From the manufacturing industry to the service sector to high-tech companies – everyone can benefit from more efficient processes. In the following, we present what productivity enhancement measures with AI, specifically through IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), can look like in various industries and how companies of different sizes and orientations can benefit from them.

Logistics & transportation sector

  • In the logistics industry, AI-supported solutions can help optimize supply chains, improve route planning and make the flow of goods more efficient. By using IDP, freight documents, delivery confirmations and customs documents can be processed automatically, which increases the productivity of your company and the satisfaction of your employees. This is where we at ExB contribute to significant time and resource savings through automated document processing.

Mechanical engineering / automotive / manufacturing” industry cluster

  • In the mechanical engineering, automotive and manufacturing sectors, the integration of AI technologies enables optimized production planning, predictive maintenance and quality control. Productivity is increased by minimizing downtimes and optimizing manufacturing processes. At ExB, we support companies in this sector by simplifying and accelerating the processing of technical documents, work instructions and quality reports.

Retail sector

  • Especially in retail and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), data is crucial for inventory management, pricing and customer analysis. AI helps to identify sales patterns and manage stock levels optimally. Our IDP platform can help your retail business automate invoice and delivery note processes, making your employees’ jobs easier and increasing productivity.

Software provider: Increase productivity by integrating ExB’s IDP interface

For software providers in the areas of financial software and accounting systems, P2P (procure-to-pay) software, ERP systems (enterprise resource planning), supply chain management software (SCM), transportation management systems (TMS) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), the integration of an IDP interface offers decisive advantages. It enables them to increase their own work productivity and at the same time make the software solution more attractive for their customers, while saving resources and costs.

To remain competitive, they need to focus on their core competencies. By integrating ExB’s IDP interface, they can offer their customers new, value-adding solutions without having to develop them themselves. ExB offers numerous advantages as a strategic partner, including

  • Differentiating your own solution through a wider range of functions.
  • Focusing your own resources on core competencies
  • Simple and cost-effective use of innovations
  • Transparent pay-per-use model that enables simple administration and rapid implementation of projects
  • Tapping into new revenue potential by expanding the software to include intelligent document processing in the cloud
  • Improved customer loyalty with forward-looking features that can be adapted to customer needs

The added value for your customers is that different documents are processed in seconds instead of days – and document-heavy workflows are automated – in line with the motto: increased productivity through reduced processing time.

One platform,
endless possibilities.

ExB is an Intelligent Document Processing platform that transforms unstructured data from any type of document into structured results. Our AI-based software can not only extract all relevant information from your documents, but also understand them. This allows you to automate your processes and save both time & money, while improving your customer experience and employee satisfaction. Win-win. 


Functionalities, how ExB contributes to increasing productivity

ExB is at the forefront of innovation in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), providing customized AI models that solve specific document processing problems. From reducing manual data entry to optimizing complex workflows, ExB opens up ways to increase both the speed and accuracy of data processing by automating document-intensive tasks.

Automation and increased efficiency

  • In today’s business world, documents – whether digital or on paper – are still an essential part of daily workflows. Manually processing these documents is time-consuming, error-prone and ties up valuable employee resources that could be used more productively elsewhere. ExB offers a powerful solution here by automating document processing, enabling companies to increase their work productivity and significantly reduce process costs.

AI-supported data extraction and analysis

  • By using artificial intelligence (AI), ExB can convert complex and unstructured documents into usable data. The platform continuously learns and improves with every interaction, resulting in increasingly accurate data extraction. This ability to quickly and accurately identify and extract relevant information enables companies to make informed decisions faster and perform their tasks more efficiently.

Seamless integration into existing systems

  • Another advantage of ExB is its easy integration into existing company systems. The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with various business applications such as ERP systems, CRM solutions and other software tools. This simplifies implementation and ensures rapid adaptation to the specific needs of each company – even without any programming knowledge.

Multilingual processing and high scalability

  • ExB supports the processing of documents in different languages, which is particularly valuable for internationally operating companies. In addition, the high scalability of the platform guarantees that there are no bottlenecks even with increasing document volumes.

Get in touch with us

We are proud to offer our advanced IDP platform as a key solution for companies that want to increase their productivity while using resources more efficiently.

Productivity increase is a continuous process that requires flexibility and the use of the latest technologies. That’s why we design our IDP platform to integrate effortlessly with your existing systems to ensure immediate and easy improvement of your business productivity.

We understand that the decision to integrate an IDP solution is a strategic move that comes with questions and challenges. That’s why we are here for you and look forward to a personal meeting to answer your questions. Simply click here to contact us or book a demo. We look forward to hearing from you!


Written by:

Simon Rauch

Content Creator bei ExB

Simon is responsible for creating marketing content at ExB. With his expertise in the areas of AI trends and editing, he enriches ExB’s information offering – on our blog, on LinkedIn and YouTube.
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