Gründerszene lists Ramin Assadollahi among “18 AI experts you should know of”


Munich, December 2018 – Gründerszene is one of the most highly regarded online magazines for the German start-up scene. It maintains one of the most comprehensive databases of companies, investors and personalities in Germany’s digital economy. It’s also tracking the current status of start-ups and internet companies as well as individual leaders and investors.

Gründerszene recently presented its top 18 AI experts you should know of. The magazine specifically praises the computer linguist’s solutions for better understanding the specific needs of customers and increasing customer service automation within the insurance sector.

Besides Dr. Ramin Assadollahi other major figures in the AI industry like Chris Boos of Arago, Ralf Herbrich of Amazon, and the Allen Institute for AI’s CEO Oren Etzioni were listed.