“Trainingslager für Künstliche Intelligenz”: ExB portrait in Leipziger Volkszeitung


Leipziger Volkszeitung, the most influential and far-reaching daily news outlet in the Leipzig region, published a comprehensive portrait about ExB Labs. The article includes insights into the AI company, resulting from an interview editor Stefan Wöbking conducted with ExB COO Nicola Pizzoni and Director of Research Dr. Stefan Bordag.

Nicola Pizzoni
Dr. Stefan Bordag

The journalist drew a picture of the company’s history and fields of action and shared insights into the general approach of the ExB solution – the Cognitive Workbench. In the article, Nicola Pizzoni and Stefan Bordag also underlined ExB’s ambition to double their staff at their office in Leipzig within the next year. They further explained the numerous advantages of the region, e.g. with regards to the infrastructure, the academic environment and low rents in the city of Leipzig.

The article was published in the Leipziger Volkszeitung print issue of Thursday, December 20th, 2018, and can as well be found online.