ExB invited by ZD.B to speak about Big Data Driven Healthcare


Dr. Ramin Assadollahi, CEO of ExB Labs and ExB Health, is invited to participate at the upcoming event “The Future of Healthcare”. The event is organized by ZD.B (Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern).

Dr. Assadollahi will talk about “Which problems in healthcare AI can solve – and which not“.

The organizers ask: “Where do we go with digitalization and Big data driven healthcare? Data is everywhere. Now we are able to read out data from almost any device at any given time in any given place. What started as a movement in the quantified-self market is now slowly but steadily taking into the domain of the primary health care market. In the future, we will see the convergence of environmental data, personal health data and genomic data for a predictive disease approach. This can only be achieved if this grass-root revolution kicked off by proactive patients and consumers is being channeled properly.

In this panel, we want to look at the potential of post genomic data aggregation with the patient in mind and the med-tech industry in focus. We would like to see where patient empowerment and solution delivery will eventually lead to new markets. It is our goal to identify game changers, flag risks and challenges on the way and to see how the complete area from self-care to healthcare in a newly shaped market environment will evolve.”

The event takes place on May 2nd 2017, from 10 am to 4 pm.

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Lichtenbergstr. 8
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