Ramin Assadollahi speaks about AI at CeBIT Future Mobility Forum


CeBIT 2018: Dr. Ramin Assadollahi highlights the effects of AI on the self-aware and self-learning car at the Future Mobility Forum

This year’s CeBIT, Europe’s business festival for innovation and digitization, was presented in a completely new guise and during a warmer period of the year. Along with “AR & VR”, “Blockchain” and “Internet of Things”, “Future Mobility” was one of the top topics in Hanover. Among others representatives of ADAC, Continental AG and the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences held keynotes.

Dr. Ramin Assadollahi, CEO of ExB Group also had the opportunity to discuss the influence of AI on mobility in his keynote speech “AI enables the self-learning and self-aware car” at the Future Mobility Forum. After a brief insight into the history and orientation of ExB, he examined, among other things, the user-centered approach of KI in linguistic exchange with the vehicle and reflected on the general concept of mobility. In addition, Dr. Ramin Assadollahi spoke about the importance of building up a vehicle’s own knowledge graph to create self-awareness in the car, taking into account internal (e.g. driver behavior, error codes or real-time car data) and external data (traffic and market-data as well as events). At the end of his presentation, insights were given into usage scenarios from the mobility environment, which AI should thereby make possible.

The 20 minute keynote took place on June 14 in Hall 26.

More information is available here.