Who we are

ExB is driven by more than 60 passionate researchers and developers. And an incredible goal.

We at ExB are convinced that future-oriented cognitive systems must be able to correctly understand 99% of spoken and written language. This may sound utopian to some, but that’s the goal we’re working towards. And we are anything but dreamers. Namely, passionate scientists and developers. Once before, we realized a bold idea.

The Inventors of Next Word Prediction

Originally developed by us, the Next Word Prediction is now standard in smartphones and is an indispensable part of the lives of many people, not least because it works with impressive reliability and low memory requirements. This success inspired us to extend linguistics to new fields of application.

High investment in research

The ultimate Verstehmaschine is not created overnight, and certainly not in the classic start-up manner: a good idea and a few good algorithms are not enough. We need substantial insights into how people really perceive, think and act – and how this can be taught to a machine. That’s why we invest almost a third of our budget in research.

Scientists, Engineers, Realists

The trick is to combine the latest scientific findings with cutting-edge technologies – and to quickly translate both into marketable solutions. We’ve built our entire enterprise on this premise, with more than 60 highly skilled researchers, engineers, UX and software experts in our team, and driven by Ramin Assadollahi, ExB founder and one of Europe’s leading AI innovators.

Competence at eye level

The heads of ExB do not hide behind a sales team, but are directly reachable for all customers and meet with them personally. In this way, we always have our more than 20 years of technical expertise with us and can answer even the most in-depth technical questions immediately and competently.

The ExB Leadership Team

Our executives stand for ExB’s multidisciplinary and international approach. Each member is a leading representative of his field.

Portrait Ramin Assadollahi Portrait Ramin Assadollahi Portrait Ramin Assadollahi

Dr. Ramin Assadollahi

Portrait Ramin Assadollahi

Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Christoph Becker


Chief Technology Officer

Portrait Lars Thielke Portrait Lars Thielke Portrait Lars Thielke

Lars Thielke

Portrait Lars Thielke

Head of Sales & Marketing

Portrait Falk Rehwagen Portrait Falk Rehwagen Portrait Falk Rehwagen

Falk Rehwagen

Portrait Falk Rehwagen

Head of Professional Services

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