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In times of digitization, efficient conversion of physical documents into digital formats is essential for companies of all sizes and in all industries. OCR software is an indispensable tool for this.

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Typical use cases of our AI software

Whether claims, procurement processes or invoice processing – our AI-based IDP platform solves a variety of use cases and helps companies to increase efficiency, increase sales and reduce risks.

Delivery Bills

Can delivery bills also be processed? Yes, that’s no problem. Delivery bills accompany the delivered goods and confirm which items were delivered and in what quantity. They are important for reconciliation with the invoice to ensure that the items delivered match the items invoiced.

Your benefits with AI solutions from ExB

Convincing numbers: these four advantages clearly show how our IDP platform improves your company.

Cost savings
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ExB's IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) platform saves you money and enhances overall efficiency.
Degree of Automation
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This is how high the proportion of IT-supported documents processed without human intervention is with ExB.
Less Input Time
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Manual editing? That was yesterday. With us, you can significantly reduce the processing time of documents.
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We always give our best - and that pays off, because our customers are satisfied and recommend us to others.

AI-based OCR software

Optical Character Recognition is a technology that recognizes printed or handwritten text and converts it into machine-readable text. OCR software plays a crucial role in the automation of data extraction: such software extracts text from physical documents and converts them into digital formats. Printed text from scanned documents or PDF files is converted into editable and searchable data. This not only saves time, but also improves the accessibility of information.

With the right OCR software, you can revolutionize your document processing.

Most modern OCR software uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve its recognition capabilities and respond flexibly to different fonts, styles and layouts. These OCR models use machine learning to improve themselves and achieve more accurate results. And as artificial intelligence continues to evolve, OCR technologies are becoming more sophisticated and versatile.

ExB is more than just text recognition software, as it not only recognizes text, but also the meaning (semantics) and context of the words. The software can identify people, their roles and spatial relationships in documents, as well as recognize elements such as forms, signatures and logos.

Our software therefore goes one step further than pure OCR solutions. It can recognize complex patterns and relationships in data. By using OCR and AI, ExB can provide a deeper understanding of the content of documents, further optimizing automation and processing operations.

By applying technologies such as NLP – Natural Language Processing, ExB can identify and interpret intentions, opinions and feelings in texts. ExB is able to identify people and their specific roles within a text. This is particularly useful in documents where it is important to understand who is acting in what capacity, for example in contracts.

Applications of OCR software

OCR software is used across industries to improve the efficiency, accuracy and accessibility of information. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies have experienced an enormous upswing in recent years and have become an indispensable tool in numerous industries. Particularly noteworthy are the applications of OCR software in the logistics, retail and manufacturing sectors, where it makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and automating processes.

In logistics, OCR enables supply chain processes to be handled more efficiently by digitizing freight documents, delivery bills and customs documents quickly and without errors. This speeds up data transfer and reduces the need for manual input.

In retail, OCR supports the fast processing of sales receipts, invoices and orders, enabling more efficient accounting and inventory management. The digital capture of customer receipts also improves customer service and provides a data basis for marketing strategies.

In the manufacturing industry, OCR promotes the automation of document processing by digitizing work orders, production plans and material lists and making them available within the system. This optimizes production processes and minimizes the risk of data errors.

Choosing the right OCR software

When choosing OCR software, there are a number of factors to consider, including recognition accuracy, support for different formats, user-friendliness and integration with other tools and systems.

OCR Software from ExB

ExB is the future of document digitization. Get in touch with us now or arrange a free, no-obligation product demo and discover how our IDP software can revolutionize your document processing.

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Is AI worth it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly finding its way into our everyday lives and corresponding solutions will become a natural component of digital change in large companies and German SMEs in the coming years. But is AI also worthwhile for your company?

christian michel

“ExB’s advanced technology enabled us to not only overcome AGILA’s challenges in animal health insurance, but also to provide added value. The high precision and automation of ExB’s AI extraction was a key factor in this.” 

Christian Michel, CEO
andy mura

“When it comes to innovation, we’ve come to see ExB as the thought leader in AI and IDP, and a valuable sparring partner capable of championing the key strategic role of ML and automation.” 

Andy Mura, Director Marketing
Thorsten Drews MTU

“Thanks to the collaboration with ExB, we have been able to tremendously optimize our email processes in conjunction with our procurement system. It is as if we have received a digital extension of our team, working tirelessly and accurately.” 

Thorsten Drews, IT-Projectmanager
MTU Maintenance Hannover

Further information on the OCR software from ExB

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