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In a world where data and documents form the core of companies, efficient document processing is crucial. Manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks should be reduced to a minimum and automated as far as possible.

ExB explained in 99 seconds

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In 99 seconds, we explain the benefits of AI-powered document processing, how ExB’s IDP technology works, the different solutions we offer and the types of documents ExB can process.

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Typical use cases of our AI software

Whether claims, procurement processes or invoice processing – our AI-based IDP platform solves a variety of use cases and helps companies to increase efficiency, increase sales and reduce risks.

Delivery Bills

Can delivery bills also be processed? Yes, that’s no problem. Delivery bills accompany the delivered goods and confirm which items were delivered and in what quantity. They are important for reconciliation with the invoice to ensure that the items delivered match the items invoiced.

Your benefits with AI solutions from ExB

Convincing numbers: these four advantages clearly show how our IDP platform improves your company.

Cost savings
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ExB's IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) platform saves you money and enhances overall efficiency.
Degree of Automation
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This is how high the proportion of IT-supported documents processed without human intervention is with ExB.
Less Input Time
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Manual editing? That was yesterday. With us, you can significantly reduce the processing time of documents.
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We always give our best - and that pays off, because our customers are satisfied and recommend us to others.

Advantages of automated document processing

Automated document processing uses various advanced technologies to capture, extract, classify and finally process information from different document formats. This intelligent document processing usually runs via software that is supported by AI.

By automating document processing in your company, you can secure the following decisive competitive advantages, among others:

  • Increased efficiency: by automating repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks, employees can focus on other activities. Such tasks include, for example, data entry and sorting documents.
  • Cost reduction: The use of advanced technologies results in time savings and therefore a reduction in costs in the long term.
  • Improved compliance: The automatic capture of incoming documents makes it easier to comply with regulations and guidelines.
  • Higher data quality: The use of artificial intelligence improves data quality and accuracy.


Automated document processing is an integral part of process automation in companies. Process automation aims to automate manual, repetitive tasks in various business processes. One example of this is the automated capture, processing and archiving of invoices in a company’s finance department. Instead of manually entering data from paper invoices, automated document processing enables the extraction of relevant information, such as amounts and invoice numbers, from the documents.

Among other things, automated document processing supports document management. Both concepts together – efficient document management and automated document processing – enable organizations to improve their document workflows, increase productivity, facilitate compliance and reduce search time.

Automated document processing with IDP

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) enables extensive automation of document processing, from inbound capture (of a digital / scanned document), document recognition and classification, extraction and interpretation of data via OCR, validation and enrichment of data to data integration into ERP systems or CRM platforms, transforming the way information is handled. By reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors and speeding up processes, IDP helps companies to work more productively and focus on their core competencies. Automated processing with IDP is particularly worthwhile for documents and information that are available in unstructured form.

Who benefits from automatic document processing?

This is particularly valuable for companies with a high volume of documents, such as those in the finance, healthcare and manufacturing industries. In general, however, every company – regardless of industry or company size – can benefit from automatic document processing. The range of documents to be processed is very broad: invoices, delivery bills, orders, order confirmations, damage reports, customer inquiries, emails or customer inquiries with attachments.

One industry that benefits from automated document processing is logistics: this involves the digitization and processing of delivery bills and transport documents, as well as the automation of invoice processing.

Automate your Document Processing

ExB’s IDP platform enables efficient and accurate processing of large volumes of documents – without manual intervention. ExB’s IDP software combines advanced machine learning, natural language processing and optical character recognition technologies to extract information from documents and convert this data into usable formats. It is an application software based on cloud computing that helps companies and organizations to implement their internal processes.

The software can be easily integrated into existing systems, which is why our solution enables automated further processing of the extracted data. Take a decisive step towards process automation now and book a free demo or contact us without obligation.

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Is AI worth it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly finding its way into our everyday lives and corresponding solutions will become a natural component of digital change in large companies and German SMEs in the coming years. But is AI also worthwhile for your company?

christian michel

“ExB’s advanced technology enabled us to not only overcome AGILA’s challenges in animal health insurance, but also to provide added value. The high precision and automation of ExB’s AI extraction was a key factor in this.” 

Christian Michel, CEO
andy mura

“When it comes to innovation, we’ve come to see ExB as the thought leader in AI and IDP, and a valuable sparring partner capable of championing the key strategic role of ML and automation.” 

Andy Mura, Director Marketing
Thorsten Drews MTU

“Thanks to the collaboration with ExB, we have been able to tremendously optimize our email processes in conjunction with our procurement system. It is as if we have received a digital extension of our team, working tirelessly and accurately.” 

Thorsten Drews, IT-Projectmanager
MTU Maintenance Hannover

Further information on automated document processing with ExB

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Mit ExB automatisieren Sie Ihre Dokumentenverarbeitung – ganz egal, zu welcher Branche Ihr Unternehmen gehört.

In our blog, we report on the latest developments and explain exciting trends relating to IDP and AI.

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