Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Allow your employees to process thousands of incoming documents a day with ExB’s Intelligent Document Processing Platform (IDP)

With ExB you can offer the best customer experience by processing any kind of customer request in seconds instead of weeks.
  • Any Format

    With ExB you can automate processing for any kind of incoming document: emails with attachments, scanned or photographed documents, reports, invoices with line items, financial documents, claims, customer requests, and more.

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    Any workflow

    You can decide what information needs to automatically be extracted from documents to feed your automation system. You can use ExB for every workflow that involves incoming documents or requests.

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    Any kind of document

    Thanks to ExB's deep learning algorithms and multimodal-AI approach you can automate document processing for every complex case that involves semi-structured or completely unstructured documents (such as reports, logs, long papers, studies, free text emails and letters).

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Ready-to-use modules your workflows

Some use cases for our Intelligent Document Processing Platform

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    Inbox Automation

    Process incoming requests and attachments you receive via email.

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    Invoice Data Capture

    Automatically extract and process data contained in invoices including line items.

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    Contract Management

    Automate processes for customer requests like address change, bank information update, policy upgrade…

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    Claims Handling

    Process incoming claims with all their sub-components and automate decision making processes with intelligent insights.

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    Input Management

    Extract data from any kind of incoming report, letter, scanned or photographed document to drive intelligent automation throughout the entire input management chain.

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    Expert Acceleration

    Convert long form reports or logs into bite-sized actionable insights or extract useful information about a specific topic from hundreds of long form texts.

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How ExB processes documents

iOCR, Data Capture, Classification, Extraction, Normalization, Verification and Validation for Every Document Type in Any Format.

ExB digitizes and recognizes what kind of document (text/images) it processes, what the intent of the sender is, how multiple component in a document are connected (e.g. cover letter + attachments).

Then, it analyzes all the parts of a document to understand and automatically extract cause and effect relationship, agents, insights, and all the entities you need to automate a process.

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With ExB Intelligent document Processing

  • 70-75%

    Degree of automation

  • 60%

    Cost Reduction

  • 95%

    Faster processing time

Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper Free ExB Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Selecting the Right AI platform

Free ExB Whitepaper

Learn how to define meaningful criteria to evaluate and select the right AI platform for your business.


The only Intelligent Document Processing Platform that can handle every use case and every document type without forcing you to code or learn how to use complex software

ExB doesn’t just cover common workflows. We cover every process either with a series of ready-to-use ultra-specific modules you can implement right away (e.g. pet insurance invoices, car glass insurance claims, P&C or car insurance claims , maintenance reports analysis, aerospace procurement document classification, cost estimates and purchase orders…) or with built-to-order modules that we can train for your specific use case in a few weeks.

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Are you planning on creating the perfect AI infrastructure to automate document processing activities throughout your entire organization?

Besides our ready-to-use and built-to-order modules we also offer you a third option: Create and Train your own modules with using our Cognitive Workbench, the zero-code drag-and-drop training environment we ourselves use to create new modules.

Learn more about our Cognitive Workbench (CWB) >

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

Why top corporations that focus on customer experience use ExB Intelligent Document Processing

degree of automation in email data extraction degree of automation in email data extraction degree of automation in email data extraction

From 25% to 75% automation rate

degree of automation in email data extraction

ExB excels where others fail. Our holistic approach to intelligent document processing allows us to offer three times the automation rate of other providers with a higher degree of accuracy.

Annotation Editor Table Annotation Editor Table Annotation Editor Table

No technical know-how required

Annotation Editor Table

We provide an intelligent document processing platform that anybody can use without any technical know-how. No experts and no coding required.

Data extraction from fully unstructured documents Data extraction from fully unstructured documents Data extraction from fully unstructured documents

Completely unstructured documents are a piece of cake

Data extraction from fully unstructured documents

While other services only process tables, forms, and invoices, ExB understands and processes free texts and reports without any problems, extracting relevant information and insights from e.g. logs, medical reports, maintenance reports, scientific papers, databases of medical information, letters, emails…

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

You decide how to work with us

Screenshot Cognitive Workbench

ExB offers a library of pre-trained modules that are generated to process different use cases (such as contract termination, medical claims, contract information changes…). But you can also request us to create bespoken modules for your unique workflows or even decide to personally use our Cognitive Workbench (the zero code training environment developed by ExB) to create and train your own modules.

Screenshot Docker-Container Screenshot Docker-Container Screenshot Docker-Container

Faster, cheaper, better

Screenshot Docker-Container

ExB is a modular system that offers the highest degree of automation and accuracy for every document and workflow. While the ROI is immediate with the first use case, the more use cases you deploy the faster, cheaper, and more intelligent the system becomes while learning more and more about your processes, needs, and specific requirements.

Illustration docker container (TSM) Illustration docker container (TSM) Illustration docker container (TSM)

Custom Deployment

Illustration docker container (TSM)

ExB adapts to your needs. Not only in terms of processes and features but also in terms of deployment: on-premise, public cloud (SaaS or AIaaS), private cloud, or distributed through our own server. The choice is yours.

ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme

Infinite integrations

ExB Integrationen mit RPA und Input Management Systeme

ExB allows you to export structured data extracted from emails into any existing process automation, input management, or ERP system. Our solution architects and customer success managers will work with you from day one to guarantee a smooth implementation and integration of ExB within your current ecosystem.

Your success with with intelligent document processing

Better customer experience and better employee experience that leads to higher competitiveness

Improve your customer experience with faster response time to customer requests, faster time to insights for decision making processes, and automatic process prioritization.

A better customer experience leads to higher customer retention and higher competitiveness. Enable your employees to work faster and more efficiently with an Intelligent Document Processing Platform that automatically processes customer requests 95% faster.

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